The pipes of the Wastewater and Rainwater Collector line are applied buried as free ducts to work under atmospheric pressure in the transport of fluids whose temperature does not exceed 40 °C. In non-continuous mode they can withstand a maximum pressure of 0.2 MPa.

They apply in:

  • Public or private effluent collection systems in sewer and storm sewer networks, sanitary sewer interceptors, wastewater treatment plants (WTP) and building extensions.
  • Construction of sewer and stormwater facilities in residential, industrial, and condominium systems.
  • Conveyance of non-aggressive industrial landfills to PVC.

The line of wastewater and stormwater collectors includes four unique components:

  • Corrugated Collector Tube.
  • Cellular Collector Tube.
  • Solid Collector Tube.
  • Novafort GD tube.

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