Ramal Predial

Amanco Wavin pipes and connections from the Ramal Predial line are intended for the installation of the piping system (Building Connection) between the point of derivation of the drinking water distribution network and the water meter (device for measuring water consumption).

They are used by public or private companies responsible for installing and maintaining the water supply system in homes, commerce or industry, and can also be applied to distribution branches in condominiums.

Made from polyethylene (PE) 80 in blue; Sold in commercial lengths of 50 and 100 meters; Available in diameters of 20 and 32 mm; In accordance with standards NBR 15561 and NTS 048 They support a working pressure of 1 MPa at a temperature of 30ºC.
Amanco Wavin PE Ramal Predial pipes are joined using mechanical joint connections called compression connections.

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