The Amanco QuickStream system is a system for capturing rainwater from roof areas, commercial and residential buildings. The PVC pipes and fittings used in this system are optimized to operate efficiently under full suction siphoned conditions.

Amanco QuickStream is a symphonic system obtained by the formation of a vacuum that prevents the entry of air allowing the system to work with full section, increasing the efficiency of water collection during heavy rains.

The QuickStream system is dimensioned by a software that was developed by Wavin itself, to use it in your project it is necessary to first contact the technical team of Amanco Wavin to request the validation of the viability of the system. Tel: 0800 701 8770

Choosing Amanco QuickStream means fewer pipes, smaller diameters, fewer nozzles in the roof and fewer clamps for fixing the system.

By using these files, or the drawings developed from these files, Wavin is not liable for any loss, expense, cost or damage of any nature whatsoever, generated by the use of these files or the drawings developed from these files.

Download version: 2019


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